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Marcus Stewart

I'm a freelance video game writer/journalist. I've written for Game Informer magazine as an editorial intern and worked as an associate editor at Gamer Attitude. Writing about video games is fun, and I'm pretty good at it to boot. Check out samples of my work below.



Review: Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 4 - What Ails You

After a flat third entry, What Ails You ratchets up the excitement and, more importantly, the variety. The fog surrounding The Pact’s scheme finally dissipates and John Doe’s personal journey hits a major climax. What Ails You focuses on paying off choices. Primarily, the consequences of the player’s interactions with John Doe culminate in an intense and well-executed confrontation.
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20 Surprising Hidden Details In Video Games You (Probably) Missed

They say the devil is in the details. Whoever said that hasn’t seen the amazing little touches video games frequently hide. While the main game can wow, sometimes the subtle, sometimes cryptic aspects of a game can be just as impressive. Such things can include clever homages to other media, illuminating narrative breadcrumbs, or even tossing digital shade at other games.
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My Nerve-Wracking Trek Through Outreach Had Me Holding My Breath

Outreach takes the narrative-focused space exploration of titles like Adr1ft and injects a hefty does of historical accuracy and an unshakable eeriness. Pixel Spill’s four-man team has been cranking away at the project for about two years, and during E3 last week I got to play the game's unnerving first 20 minutes.
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I'm Not Mad AT EA Play. I'm Just Disappointed

I can’t say I wasn’t a bit excited to receive my EA Play pass. I’d heard the tickets to last year’s event flew quick, so the moment this year’s event was announced earlier this year, I signed up right away. My golden ticket to EA’s house of digital wonders arrived soon after. My spot at the show was confirmed.
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How David Ortiz Infused Video Games Into Mariachi To Form Mariachi Entertainment System

A mariachi band that plays video game music? That’s not something you hear every day. A plethora of bands cover game soundtracks, but Mariachi Entertainment System stands out as the only traditional mariachi troupe that transforms 8/16-bit tunes into colorful Spanish melodies. After achieving renown on YouTube, the group steadily made a name for itself among gamers and video game music enthusiasts.
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Psychonauts 2 Is Finally Happening If Backers Chip In On Fig

At the Game Awards 2015, Double Fine President Tim Schafer took the stage to unveil the Fig campaign for the long-requested Psychonauts 2. A sequel to the 2005 cult hit is something fans have longed for since its release, and thanks to Fig, they now have the opportunity to not only fund the game into existence, but to become actual project investors.
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Review: Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 3 - Fractured Mask

Everything revolves around that word in Fractured Mask. With threats closing in from all sides, should Bruce Wayne expand his inner circle or insist on carrying on alone? Relationships take big steps forward (or backwards) based on that question, but that focus comes at the expense of a looming threat still struggling to get off of the ground.
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15 Ways The Grand Theft Auto Series Was Almost COMPLETELY Different

To call the Grand Theft Auto series “successful” is like saying GTA IV is underappreciated: obvious and accurate. Rockstar’s mammoth franchise has sold an obscene number of copies, generated more cash than roughly 10 Scrooge McDuck’s, and invited just as much controversy. The industry’s premier sandbox has become a major fixture in gaming and popular culture–Dave Chappelle once did an entire TV skit based on the series, for goodness sake.
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Review: Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 2 - The Pact

After The Enigma laid the table cloth for what’s to come, The Pact continues to set the silverware. More than anything else, the second episode cashes in on the development of Joker-in-progress John Doe by smartly flipping the roles of his most iconic relationship. The Pact injects a big dose of villainy with a few new faces, most notably one Dr.
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15 Amazing Games We Expected To Be TERRIBLE

Few things in the video game industry are as wonderful as the “pleasant surprise”. Sure, hyped-to-the-moon titles that live up to their promise deserve all the praise in the world. But there’s something more impressive and admirable about an exceptional game that, by all accounts, should have been a dumpster fire.
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The 15 Most Messed Up Things You Can Do In Wrestling Games

For the uninitiated, situations like elaborate kidnappings or attempted vehicular homicide may seem twisted. But for wrestling fans, such things are business as usual. We’re used to accepting things like having undead sorcerers as world champions. After all, it’s all just one big crazy soap opera.
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15 More Hidden Secrets That Weren’t Found For Years

In a previous article, we dived into several of the longest-buried secrets in video games. But like Lara Croft or Nathan Drake, our appetite for hunting for new treasures can’t be satiated. In that spirit, we present an additional trove of easter eggs that took gamers more than a few years to unearth.
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Marcus Stewart

Currently a freelance writer. Previously wrote for Game Informer magazine as an editorial intern during the fall of 2015. I also worked at video game website Gamer Attitude as an Associate Editor. Writing about video games and what makes them tick is how I get my jollies.



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