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Marcus Stewart

Freelance games writer and podcast host. I have published articles for Game Informer, Paste, Extra Life, The Gamer, and Gaming Historia.

My podcast, Carving Gaming Rushmores, can be heard on iTunes, PodBean, and YouTube.



We Happy Few's E3 Demo Made Me A Believer Again

We Happy Few turned a lot of heads when it debuted in 2015. Its intriguing premise of a drug-fueled utopia, combined with the Bioshock-esque presentation and gameplay, gave the impression of narrative-focused shooter on-par with Ken Levine’s work. That excitement turned to disappointment when the game’s multiplayer entered early beta in 2016.
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Review: Florence

Finding love for the first time can be the best thing to ever happen. Just ask Florence Yeoh, a 25-year old aspiring artist, who feels trapped in her monotonous daily routine. Her office job bores her. An overbearing mother routinely hounds her about finding a boyfriend. Life appears generally unfulfilling–until she stumbles upon a charming musician named Krish.
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How David Ortiz Infused Video Games Into Mariachi To Form Mariachi Entertainment System

A mariachi band that plays video game music? That’s not something you hear every day. A plethora of bands cover game soundtracks, but Mariachi Entertainment System stands out as the only traditional mariachi troupe that transforms 8/16-bit tunes into colorful Spanish melodies. After achieving renown on YouTube, the group steadily made a name for itself among gamers and video game music enthusiasts.
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Psychonauts 2 Is Finally Happening If Backers Chip In On Fig

At the Game Awards 2015, Double Fine President Tim Schafer took the stage to unveil the Fig campaign for the long-requested Psychonauts 2. A sequel to the 2005 cult hit is something fans have longed for since its release, and thanks to Fig, they now have the opportunity to not only fund the game into existence, but to become actual project investors.
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Nintendo’s E3 2017 Briefing: 1-Year Follow-Up

With Switch sales climbing through the roof, the big N sat pretty during last year’s E3. They poured gas on the Switch’s fire with a solid offering of game announcements. A bit of that news even landed on the brain-melting, “I can’t believe this is happening” spectrum of things. But Nintendo’s follow-through on their promises can range from immediate to vaguely distant, so let’s see where those games are at a year later.
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Sony’s E3 2017 Briefing: 1-Year Follow-Up

Last year, Sony’s E3 conference primarily focused on showing off known quantities. Trailers for soon-to-be-released games dominated the event with virtually zero fluff in between. Clocking in at roughly an hour, it’s also one of the most succinct briefings they’ve ever held. This caused the PlayStation showing to feel a tad underwhelming overall, despite having a few eye-widening surprises.
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Microsoft’s E3 2017 Briefing: 1-Year Follow-Up

Speculating E3’s possible announcements always gets my blood pumping. But it can be just as fascinating to reflect on the previous year’s event to see how things panned out a year later. After all, it’s tough to predict the future without first looking back on the past. What big projects have been delayed past their promised release dates?
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Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Review

Certain literature speculates Dracula’s ability to create soul clones. These living vessels contain his spirit, essentially becoming copies of the Prince of Darkness. Some soul clones grew to become powerhouses in their own right. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon could stand as a video game example of this concept.
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Instead of Spending $27,000 on Star Citizen, Buy These 10 Things Instead

If you’re both a fan of Star Citizen, the beyond ambitious–and unfinished–space sim, and the act of burning money, Cloud Imperium has you covered. Recently, the developer unveiled the most comically expensive Legatus Pack. The new bundle gives players access to 117 ships and other extras–all for a cool $27,000.
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The Swords of Ditto Review

Live, die, repeat. No, this isn’t Edge of Tomorrow but its tagline fits the significantly Tom Cruise-less The Swords of Ditto just as appropriately. Blending top-down Zelda with roguelite elements, players control a hero chosen once a century to wield the mystical sword of Ditto. The mission: use this weapon to slay the evil witch Mormo to prevent her darkness from gripping the land.
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Monument Valley 2 Review

The “two” in Monument Valley 2 signifies more than the game’s sequel status. A pair of playable protagonists doubles down on the game’s complexity–at least on paper. Though the extra person does lend itself to a few cool twists, the experience largely remains as easy-going as its predecessor if not more so.
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Review: Minit

Sixty seconds. That’s how long each life lasts in Minit, a unique title that puts a spin on Zelda-esque design using devious time management. As a hero doomed to exist in one-minute intervals, players must make the most of their time to unravel the mysteries of the black and white world. Though the experience winds up being as brief as the title suggests, it's time well spent.
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Marcus Stewart

I've have been writing about games since 2011. I started on a personal blog before working as an editor at small sites. My work led to an internship at Game Informer in 2015 and I have since contributed articles to sites such as Extra Life and The Gamer.

Last year I launched my own personal website and podcast. I enjoy a variety of gaming experiences and strive do take risks by taking unique approaches to my work.



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