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Marcus Stewart

Freelance games writer and podcast host. I have published articles for Game Informer, Paste, Extra Life, The Gamer, and Gaming Historia.

My podcast, Carving Gaming Rushmores, can be heard on iTunes, PodBean, and YouTube.



How Fear the Wolves’ Focus on Gritty Survival Make it a Battle Royale Stand-Out

The mountain of battle royale games continues to rise with Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds dueling at the summit. For developers beginning the climb, reaching the top feels nigh impossible. However, Fear the Wolves by Vostok Games aims to establish a cozy, nuclear-powered base camp near the top instead.
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How David Ortiz Infused Video Games Into Mariachi To Form Mariachi Entertainment System

A mariachi band that plays video game music? That’s not something you hear every day. A plethora of bands cover game soundtracks, but Mariachi Entertainment System stands out as the only traditional mariachi troupe that transforms 8/16-bit tunes into colorful Spanish melodies. After achieving renown on YouTube, the group steadily made a name for itself among gamers and video game music enthusiasts.
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Psychonauts 2 Is Finally Happening If Backers Chip In On Fig

At the Game Awards 2015, Double Fine President Tim Schafer took the stage to unveil the Fig campaign for the long-requested Psychonauts 2. A sequel to the 2005 cult hit is something fans have longed for since its release, and thanks to Fig, they now have the opportunity to not only fund the game into existence, but to become actual project investors.
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Tropico 6 Lets El Presidente Form Pirate Raids and Steal the Taj Mahal

Tropico 6 gives fans another opportunity to live out their power fantasies. Once again taking up the mantle of El Presidente, their goal is to stay in power as either a benevolent ruler or ruthless dictator. Like previous entries, accomplishing this involves building an island empire across multiple historical eras.
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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Review

As kids, we relied on our imaginations to take us on unbelievable adventures. We battled aliens on far-off planets or thwarted supervillains as costumed crime-fighters. Sometimes our made-up adventures acted as an escape from the real-life problems we were too young, or too afraid, to face head-on.
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Catching up with Insurgency: Sandstorm: An Interview with Its Lead Designer

Quite a bit changed over the year since I last saw Insurgency: Sandstorm. Creative Director Andrew Spearin (who I interviewed at E3 last year) departed New World Interactive. Its highly-touted story mode has been cancelled. New World narrowed the focus to double-down on what brought Insurgency to the dance: its brutally realistic multiplayer.
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6 Characters That Won’t Appear In Jump Force That Totally Should

Bandai Namco’s Jump Force looks to be a Japanophile’s dream come true. It gathers up anime’s best and brightest (or at least those under the Shonen Jump umbrella), then turns them into realistic action figures that proceed to pummel each other while screaming a bunch. I can speak from experience having played the game myself at E3.
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Toppling My Fantastical Enemies In Mobile RTS War Clash

War Clash by MeoGames pits armies of antlered humans, owl-warriors, and other crazy creatures against each other in a blend of real-time strategy with tower defense. The colorful fantasy title features a varied cast of characters, while emphasizing versatile gameplay, in hopes of making a splash in the sea of mobile games.
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Getting Behind the Wheel of Team Sonic Racing

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed marked the first time Sonic rivalved Mario in any capacity since the Sega vs Nintendo war of the early 90’s. The 2012 racer seamlessly blended ground, air, and sea racing with fun results, providing a worthy alternative to Mario Kart’s juggernaut. Over five years have passed, and the blue blur wants another shot at dethroning Mario Kart.
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We Happy Few's E3 Demo Made Me A Believer Again

We Happy Few turned a lot of heads when it debuted in 2015. Its intriguing premise of a drug-fueled utopia, combined with the Bioshock-esque presentation and gameplay, gave the impression of narrative-focused shooter on-par with Ken Levine’s work. That excitement turned to disappointment when the game’s multiplayer entered early beta in 2016.
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Nintendo’s E3 2017 Briefing: 1-Year Follow-Up

With Switch sales climbing through the roof, the big N sat pretty during last year’s E3. They poured gas on the Switch’s fire with a solid offering of game announcements. A bit of that news even landed on the brain-melting, “I can’t believe this is happening” spectrum of things. But Nintendo’s follow-through on their promises can range from immediate to vaguely distant, so let’s see where those games are at a year later.
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Sony’s E3 2017 Briefing: 1-Year Follow-Up

Last year, Sony’s E3 conference primarily focused on showing off known quantities. Trailers for soon-to-be-released games dominated the event with virtually zero fluff in between. Clocking in at roughly an hour, it’s also one of the most succinct briefings they’ve ever held. This caused the PlayStation showing to feel a tad underwhelming overall, despite having a few eye-widening surprises.
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Marcus Stewart

I've have been writing about games since 2011. I started on a personal blog before working as an editor at small sites. My work led to an internship at Game Informer in 2015 and I have since contributed articles to sites such as Extra Life and The Gamer.

Last year I launched my own personal website and podcast. I enjoy a variety of gaming experiences and strive do take risks by taking unique approaches to my work.



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